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General topics:

Psychology and the digital world: Understanding how an individual functions in digital surroundings

Psychic processes and behaviors take part in interaction and integration of the physical and digital world. The width of this topic is large because it encompasses all research explaining human behavior in any form of interaction with the digital world (including refusing to use technology). Therefore, we will enumerate only some of the possible research topics: relations between personality traits of typical users of some digital services, evaluation of cognitive functioning in interaction with ICT, managing impression about oneself and interaction among people on social networks, parental mediation and relation with children, interaction of the real and virtual world in computer games users…
Psychology and the digital world: Possibilities and challenges of living and developing in new circumstances

The digital world and information-communication technologies developed numerous (developmental) outcomes, some positive (such as development and use of an app that will help students with disabilities to follow certain lectures), and some negative (such as cyberbullying among teens). It is important for scientific and even more with vocational papers to follow characteristics, correlates, but also possibilities to encourage desirable outcomes or prevention and treatment of undesirable outcomes, with an especial stress on programs based on proof of efficiency, and we invite our colleagues psychologists or colleagues of related professions to present their vocational knowledge, be it in the form of a presentation of a workshop. Within this topic we expect research that e.g. follows the efficiency of violence prevention programs, efficiency in teaching using ICT, challenges of reducing various forms of problematic behavior or behavioral dependences tied to the digital world and such.
Psychology and the digital world: Change in the way psychologists work in the digital world

Numerous changes of vocational and scientific work of psychologists are a consequence of ICT development. The most widespread and the simplest example is use of computers of tablets in using instruments for measuring. The digital world also changes the way psychologists work in e.g. human resources, education, healthcare, social work… This does not only change the application of instruments for measure and data collection, but the psychologists also enter new areas of working and cooperating – e.g. thinking of commercials or following traffic habits using ICT, and also social media, becomes personalized and adjusted to user needs. Presentations dealing with methodological challenges of questionnaire use in the digital surroundings, but also research or experience from practice portraying how psychologists, using new technologies or using digital services, introduce innovations of increase the functionality of their professional action are the focus of this topic.

• Biological aspects
• Emotions
• Measuring and methodology
• Interpersonal relations
• Gender and sexuality
• Clinical populations
• Social care
• Psychotherapy and supervision
• Intergroup relations
• Intercultural research
• Education
• Health
• Different welfare aspects
• Development
• Personality and individual differences
• Strengths and virtues
• Work and organization
• Professional …
• Society and creating politics
• Sport and physical activity
• Art and Culture
• Military
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